Ain't Gonna Worry

Gayle, after a hiatus from recording, has reunited with producer Allen Reynolds in Ain’t Gonna Worry, who guided her career from countrypolitan hits to cocktail-lounge dross. Best known for her cape of hair, for being Loretta Lynn’s baby sister, and for her 1977 pop hit ”Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue,” Gayle continues to mine the Blue Hour Sound — mostly brushed drums and tinkling piano — with a warmed-over collection of romantic tunes that includes ”Faithless Love” and ”Once in a Very Blue Moon.” Familiar tunes tend to work against Gayle, however, pointing up her pathetic lack of instinct. That, plus her melodramatic delivery and painful vocal mannerisms — the word ”chances” comes out as ”chaunces” — finds her hermetically sealed in the wasteland of schlock pop. D

Ain't Gonna Worry
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