August 03, 1990 at 04:00 AM EDT

The World's Greatest Stunts! A Tribute to Hollywood Stuntmen

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Action Adventure, Documentary
We gave it a C-

It’s strange that Dar Robinson isn’t included in The World’s Greatest Stunts!, even though it’s dedicated to him (the same team produced both tapes, originally for television).

Hosted by Christopher Reeve, it focuses on stuntmen (and -women) talking about ) their exploits. And there are some doozies: One driver is almost killed taking a car over a waterfall in Romancing the Stone, and an aerial specialist from Octopussy shows how to catch a moving plane as it’s taking off (don’t try this at home). Too bad there’s not more of this footage and less chat from stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Douglas, and Charlton Heston telling us what great guys stuntmen are. Nobody addresses the most interesting topics: How stunt workers routinely deny the obvious danger of their profession and how they cope with the fear and stress. Without that, both tapes are about as honest as a Marine recruiting film that doesn’t mention combat. C-

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