''Twin Peaks'' puzzlers -- A list of questions to help you get caught up on David Lynch's series

Okay, let’s get this straight: Agent Cooper is down in a hail of bullets. Jacques Renault has been smothered by Laura’s father, and Waldo the mynah bird isn’t looking too healthy either. Suicidal Nadine is on her way to the hospital, Dr. Jacoby’s heart is giving out, Leo Johnson’s been shot (again), and Pete, Shelly, and Catherine are trapped in a burning mill.

Confused? Don’t worry. Starting this week you can take a Twin Peaks refresher course: ABC is rerunning the series over the next two months, beginning Sunday, Aug. 5, with last spring’s two-hour premiere, and continuing every Saturday night for the rest of the summer. Study each episode and maybe you’ll be prepared for the fall, when director David Lynch’s mob of off-kilter characters returns for a second season.

To help, Entertainment Weekly compiled the following list of questions, a few loose ends you might want to ponder before diving back into TV’s most convoluted mystery.

1. How did Josie Packard’s husband, Andrew, really die?

2. What’s the true story behind Audrey’s disturbed brother Johnny?

3. How did the R get under Laura Palmer’s nail?

4. Does Diane really exist?

5. Who were the three men Laura had sex with the night she died?

6. Why does Lucy serve up 80 doughnuts a night for just three cops?

7. How did Nadine lose her eye?

8. What’s the tie between Laura, Ronnette Pulaski, and the first woman who died?

9. Who was bankrolling Leo and Jacques’ drug operation?

10. Is Leo as dead as he looks?

11. How did Laura end up in the abandoned railway car the night she died?

12. What information is Hank using to blackmail Josie?

13. What does Ben Horne stand to gain by double-crossing Catherine with Josie (if that’s what he’s doing)?

14. Who’s the father of Lucy’s baby?

15. Will Andy and Lucy kiss and make up?

16. How does Diane — if she exists — get Cooper’s tapes?

17. Does Cooper really ”have no secrets”?

18. Who exactly are the Bookhouse Boys, and what kind of evil are they fightinn?

19. Is there a real-life counterpart to Crazy Bob, the long-haired killer in Sarah Palmer’s vision?

20. Is Madeleine really Laura, and is the dead girl really Madeleine? Were Laura and Madeleine really twin sisters and not cousins?

21. When does Bobby have time for football?

22. When does Audrey have time for homework?

23. Who makes the best pie in the county — Norma or Donna’s mother?

24. Will Emily succeed in seducing her sister’s husband, Chet?

25. Was Leland crazy before Laura was killed?

26. Whatever happened to Donna’s jealous ex-boyfriend, Mike? Did his family leave town or something?

27. Who was the woman who broke Cooper’s heart?

28. Are Audrey and her father going to have a close encounter at One-Eyed Jacks?

29. What does the blood-scrawled ”Fire — walk with me” mean?

30. When do auditions begin for the role of a cherry stem?

31. Did Laura ever entertain Audrey’s father at One-Eyed Jacks?

32. Is Dale Cooper really the famous ’70s hijacking cult figure D.B. Cooper?

33. Who is that one-armed man?

34. Will James and Donna find happiness?

35. What exactly were the Horne brothers saying while they were eating those brie sandwiches?

36. Who is ”J”?

37. Is Ronnette ever going to come out of her coma?

38. When Audrey turns 18, will she and Cooper…?

39. Now that Newhart’s gone, could the north woods of Twin Peaks be a new home for Larry, Darryl, and Darryl?

40. Will Log Lady’s log have anything more to say?

41. How did Donna’s mother end up in a wheelchair?

42. Will anybody still be watching when Twin Peaks moves to Saturday night?

43. Is the coffee regular or decaf?

44. Are there any other interesting tricks with pieces of fruit in Audrey’s future?

45. Speaking of Audrey, doesn’t she look a little mature for a high school student? What about Bobby? And James?

46. Could One-Eyed Jack be Nadine’s cousin?

47. What’s with the ’60s fashion time warp?

48. Why does the Great Northern have so many secret passageways?

49. Does the R under Laura’s nail have any connection to the Double R diner?

50. Who killed Laura Palmer?

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