Check out letter of those who agreed and those who didn't on ''Ghost,'' New Kids on the Block, and Harry Connick Jr.

Mail from our readers

Swayze Crazy
I am a subscriber and faithful reader of your magazine. I love the book review section and, most especially, the movie section.

This week (July 13) I was extremely pleased to see a review of Ghost, starring my number-one guy, Patrick Swayze. I saw the movie and must agree with you — it’s a definite A! I am going to see it again. The only thing that could have been better would have been Patrick on the cover. There’s been enough of Cruise, Gibson, and Schwarzenegger, right? Swayze rules!
Barbara Trabert

ED. NOTE: He does, at least this week.

New Kids rock the block

I love your magazine. But the 19 June 22 issue was just too much for my stomach. You had the New Kids on the Block in three sections. Yuck! Man, I thought I was reading some teeny-bopper magazine. Come on. Most of us readers are not squealing 13-year-old girls without brains. New Kids are just a fad, they have no talent, and they don’t deserve to be in such a great magazine as Entertainment Weekly.
Jody Lefeburem
Mililani, Hawaii

Ugh! As I thumbed through my June 22 issue, I came across three (yes, three!) New Kids on the Block-related pieces! Come on! If there is a Kids cover in the works at your magazine please do me a favor and save yourselves the postage by just feeding my issue into the nearest paper shredder.
John Sedgwick
Pasco, Wash.

To Greg Sandow: For you sir, I have a few words and a few words only. Go suck an egg.

I hope a 500-pound garage door hits you on the head and destroys your pituitary gland, ruining your chance to produce children.

It’s people like you that give us teenagers a terrible self-image. Your kind needs to be put in a tub of water with 10,000 hair dryers thrown in, with Charles Manson trying to save you.
Amanda Swafford
Flowery Branch, Ga.

Mr. Sandow: If New Kids have so little talent, why have they had seven consecutive top 10 singles and sold more than 20 million copies of their first three albums? And why has their new album, which is so horrendous, shipped over 2 million copies in the U.S. alone?
Cynthia Colatriano
New Castle, Del.

To Greg Sandow: After reading the review of the New Kids on the Block’s latest album, I was not amused. Maybe you should take another look at your music degree and ask yourself, was the box of Fruit Loops that it came in worth it? Broaden your musical horizons and don’t be so nit-picky about a group that makes more money in a week than you ever will.
Melissa Suritte
Skidtook, Okla.

Obscene censure

  • I’ve just finished reading your article ”The Rap on Obscenity” (20, Jun. 29), I do not agree with Sheriff Nick Navarro or Gov. Bob Martinez. I hope my tax dollars aren’t going to waste with these two sitting around thinking up different ways to put down and arrest 2 Live Crew.
  • Michael Bode
  • Miami

Call me a little red Commie, but I refuse to be frightened when sexist trash comes under fire in this country. 2 Live Crew is an insult to women and to blacks and that is all that needs saying.
Kim Kaliszenwski
St. Paul Park, Minn.