Lassie Come Home

The slightly older set will be hard-pressed to watch Lassie Come Home without a great big lump in the throat. The TV serie sired by both have assured that. Today’s kids, however, will probably approach this pet epic from a more dry-eyed point of view.

Its Technicolor restored to picture-postcard prettiness, Lassie Come Home proves the more durable. The sweet and clever collie, sold because its original family is hard-up, battles the elements for hundreds of miles — and has some shockingly violent fights — while returning from Scotland to the waiting arms of Roddy McDowall in Yorkshire, England. Never mind that the terrain is obviously California: This is the land of make-believe, where love and canine loyalty conquer all.

In this movie, kids must learn self-sacrifice, but their traumas do not leave lifelong scars. Happy endings are a given here — just as they were each week on TV. In a world of Ninja Turtles, this movie qualify as above-average family entertainment, providing kids with reasonably involving stories, and their parents with a pleasant nostalgic charge. B

Lassie Come Home
  • Movie
  • 89 minutes