Letters from our readers-- EW fans give their take on ''Twin Peaks,'' ''Dick Tracy,'' and more

Total Recall
In your June 8 issue, Tom Soter presented the ”complete” Arnold Schwarzenegger, yet you left out The Villain, starring Kirk Douglas and Ann-Margret. Rather than Twins, maybe The Villain should be considered Arnold’s first comedy.
Ernie Lee
Jacksonville, N.C.
Editor’s note: You’re right. This wacky Western came out in 1979.

I have been reading EW and I love it! This week’s issue with Dick Tracy on the cover (June 15) is attractive, fun, and informative. The article ”Keeping Tabs,” by Mark Harris, is so funny I laughed out loud. My favorite of the tabloid shows is A Current Affair, and I recognized all the things Harris listed. He is right on the money!
Jane L. Larkin
Holden, Mass.

Eat Lead, Tracy
I wish I could share your enthusiasm for Dick Tracy (June 15). The Tracy Chester Gould created was a tough but brilliant detective who battled the creme de la creme of the Chicago underworld. Warren Beatty has turned the hard-boiled, Dashiell Hammettesque world of Tracy into a surreal ”comic book” — where only Beatty rules. What a damn shame that another great, great piece of American popular fiction gets wrecked by Hollywood.
Bill H. Champlin
Amory, Miss.

Tub Dis-section
Since your premiere issue, I have been an avid reader of EW. Not until a glaring omission in Ken Tucker’s list of the 10 best series on TV (June 15), however, have I needed to express my opinion. I was amazed that The Wonder Years was not included. The recollection of the events in Kevin Arnold’s life is so funny and accurate we often recall our own ”wonder years” with equal hilarity and poignancy.
Todd Hale Callaway
Ringgold, Ga.

I thought your article about Twin Peaks being one of the season’s best was absolutely correct. It’s a great show with a marvelous blend of everything (humor, sleaze, mystery, romance, etc.) I find lacking in a lot of TV’s offerings. The music is a bonus. I agree that ABC is making a big mistake moving it to Saturday nights. Thank God we can tape it while we’re out.
Valerie Lampard
Toronto, Ont.

Richard Wagner intended the four operas comprising the Ring of the Nibelung be seen in quick succession, and for the first time in history millions of people could do just that when PBS aired them. How could you ignore such an important event? All you did was list it in your weekly television schedule (June 15). You have obviously targeted the lowest common denominator as your reader. I am not quite that low nor quite that common.
James Smith Rudolph
Ann Arbor, Mich.

Weekly Readers
I have been waiting for a magazine like yours for years. All 24 of my fellow employees enjoy it. My roommate reads the Print section. My sister reads the Movie section. And a friend of mine reads only the Music section. I’m a fan of Fox TV, the Pet Shop Boys, and redeeming cents-off coupons. Life doesn’t get any better in Oklahoma.
Russell Frederick Tappe
Oklahoma City