Jetsons: The Movie

First launched into orbit in 1962, the Jetsons never did acquire much baby-boomer cachet. Unlike the charismatically déclassé Flintstones, they were always just a generic suburban family — and in an age of Simpson-mania, George, Jane, Judy, and Elroy seem blander than ever. Yet here they are, in their very own feature-length cartoon, complete with shiny color and songs by Tiffany. When George gets a promotion, he learns that the Grungies — an entire race of icky-sweet teddy bears — are being destroyed by one of Mr. Spacely’s sprocket mines. I admit it’s heartwarming to see a slacker like George develop a social conscience, but the Jetsons’ retro-’60s parody of the future (Wow! Videophones and talking robots!) seems quainter than ever.

Jetsons: The Movie
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