Ally Sheedy stars as a psychic helping the police track down a killer who’s also a psychic. This pathetic fellow, who scrawls the word ”fear” in blood on the walls near his victims, is a psycho-psychic who can beam his thoughts into Sheedy’s head.

And wouldn’t you just know it? The guy develops a crush on her. ”Don’t ever try to leave me,” he murmurs in one cranial telegram to Sheedy, ”or I’ll kill one person an hour, every hour.”

Sheedy is good at acting scared; she even has a line about it: ”I give great fear.” But the TV movie wastes too much time arranging a tiresome romance between her and the always charming Michael O’Keefe — they make a nice couple, but he isn’t given anything much to do except look concerned.

Fear features a nicely tense final scene in an amusement park, but it’s not very interesting until that point.

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