What to watch for week of July 6, 1990 -- A day-to-day guide to notable programs

Movie: Manhunt for Claude Dallas
Matt Salinger and Rip Torn star in this 1986 fact-based drama about a murderous mountaineer whose sensational arrest and subsequent escape made headlines across the country. CBS (9-11 p.m.)

Movie: C.A.T. Squad — Python Wolf
A farfetched 1988 action-adventure TV movie about an elite government commando force pursuing a secret mission in South Africa. Miguel Ferrer, Joe Cortese, and Jack Youngblood star. NBC (9-11 p.m.) C

American Patchwork (See review.)

You’re on the Air With Dr. Ruth
Television’s premier sexologist, Dr. Rrrrrruth Westheimer, is host of a new late-night call-in program for people with romantic problems. LIF (12-12:30 a.m.)

Tommy Davidson: Takin’ It to D.C. (See review.)

Richard Lewis: I’m Doomed (See review.)

Movie: Sam’s Son
Michael Landon wrote, directed, and starred in this ’84 movie about a boy pursuing his dream to become a champion javelin thrower. NBC (7-9 p.m.)

National Audubon Society Special: If Dolphins Could Talk
First broadcast on TBS in February, this documentary looks at the forces threatening dolphin populations around the world, from tuna fishermen to pollution. Michael Douglas narrates. PBS (8-9 p.m.)

Masterpiece Theatre: Piece of Cake (See review.)

Movie: The Dead Zone
This ’83 film is one of the best adaptations of a Stephen King book yet — a gripping story about a psychic scrambling to prevent his vision of nuclear destruction from coming true. Christopher Walken and Martin Sheen star. ABC (9-11 p.m.) A-

Movie: The Outside Woman
Sharon Gless and Scott Glenn star in this ’89 TV movie about a bored female millworker who falls in love with a convict in a local prison. CBS (9-11 p.m.)

Movie: A Stoning in Fulham County
An ’88 Witness-inspired TV drama about a country lawyer defending an Amish family from a band of evil teenagers. Starring Ken Olin (thirtysomething), Jill Eikenberry (L.A. Law), and Ron Perlman (Beauty and the Beast). NBC (9-11 p.m.) C

Movie: Sweet Revenge (See review.)

Movie: Firefox
Dirty Harry with wings: Clint Eastwood is a U.S. agent sent behind Soviet lines to ”liberate” a new Russian superjet in this silly ’82 thriller. ABC (8-11 p.m.) D+

American Masters: John Cassavetes
This installment looks at independent filmmaker Cassavetes (Husbands, Woman Under the Influence), including interviews with Peter Falk and Ben Gazzara. PBS (9-10 p.m.)

The American Experience: Adam Clayton Powell
Originally broadcast in 1989, this Oscar-nominated film traces the rise and fall of the black leader. As a congressman from Harlem, Powell helped push through Great Society legislation, but his penchant for fast living eventually led to his political demise. PBS (9-10 p.m.)

Tonight’s program takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the chilling world of cryonics, the dubious science of freezing the dead for future resuscitation. PBS (10-11 p.m.)