Notable movies for the week of June 29, 1990 -- Short reviews on recently released titles

Notable movies for the week of June 29, 1990

Another 48 HRS. (R)
A real comedown from 48 HRS., Walter Hill’s overblown sequel is like a Rambo flick set in San Francisco. The laughs are mostly buried in Dolby-ized mayhem — apocalyptic gunfire, heavy explosions, and enough random images of stuntmenenrashing through plate-glass windows to stock a dozen thrillers. Eddie Murphy skulks through the picture like a pasha who has been ordered to perform for his slaves. He still has his laser-accurate timing, but megasuperstardom appears to have coarsened Murphy’s soul. It has taken away his lightness, his devilish charm. C-

Gremlins 2 (PG-13)
Like its predecessor, The New Batch is a demonically surreal Muppet movie that leaps from high point to high point, from sick jokes featuring gremlins fed through paper shredders to gleeful anthropomorphic satire. This time, the movie’s cartoon darts are aimed at a Donald Trump-like uber-honcho (John Glover) whose Clamp Centre office building provides the setting for nonstop gremlin hijinks. The beastie-boy monsters are a trifle more individualized this time: One of them even talks. Although the movie is nothing but the sum of its whirring pop-culture mechanics, it’s enough to keep you occupied, and occasionally exhilarated. B