Part Mission: Impossible, part The Equalizer, part unintentional SCTV parody, Counterstrike is all goofy. This Canadian-made adventure hour stars Christopher Plummer as Alexander Addington, a billionaire businessman who is, according to the show’s press release, ”compelled by tragic events to seek out and eradicate injustice worldwide.”

Apparently Addington’s wife and one of his children were recently kidnapped; he then set up an ”anticrime strike team” consisting of Simon MacCorkindale as an ex-cop, Cyrielle Claire as a French con artist, and Stephen Shellen as a debonair soldier of fortune. Actually, the network describes Shellen as ”an intense and impatient soldier of fortune,” but he seemed both calm and almost slothfully patient in the debut episode.

For most of the show, Christopher Plummer sits around in a big office, dispatching his Counterstrike team to nab terrorists and rescue innocent people in trouble. The dialogue consists of lines like ”I’ve never known you to dwell on the past, father.”

The action is minimal, except for car chases, which are tire-squealingly maximal; the high-tech gadgets look cheesy; sometimes the pop-jazz music used to signal tension drowns out the actors. If you really hanker to see Christopher Plummer on TV, rent a videocassette of The Sound of Music.