We ask kids from the New Kids hometown what they think of the singers

By EW Staff
Updated June 22, 1990 at 04:00 AM EDT

Kids on every corner in the country go crazy for New Kids on the Block, whose new, instantly platinum album, Step by Step, has just been released — and who may be coming to your neighborhood during their summer-long, sold-out national tour. But what do the kids who live where the New Kids come from (and still return to) think about the mega-success of their old friends and neighbors? To find out, we went to Dorchester High School in Boston ann talked to some of the students.

Jose Vasquez, 15: ”They’re good singers and they’re good people. They’re from here, they’re close to us, so we feel that we have to help them out to be the best.”

Yurkis Vasquez, 16: ”I just love their voices. I love it when they sing, ‘Oh, oh, oh.’ I’d like to meet them in person.”

Sheila Graham, 16: ”I like them because they sing romantic songs, and I love sentimental songs.”

Juan Vasquez, 18: ”I just saw them last week at ORC, a club down the street where they practice. They’re the best. They sing, they dance. Everything they do, they do well.”

Damaris Alonzo, 17: ”I like Jon Knight. I like his hair, his eyes. He’s beautiful. I see him in pictures, but I’d like to see him in person.”

Atria Nunez, 18: ”I like the way they dress: the brooches, the earrings, everything. And I like the way they move. They move everything.”