We ask kids from the New Kids hometown what they think of the singers

Kids on every corner in the country go crazy for New Kids on the Block, whose new, instantly platinum album, Step by Step, has just been released — and who may be coming to your neighborhood during their summer-long, sold-out national tour. But what do the kids who live where the New Kids come from (and still return to) think about the mega-success of their old friends and neighbors? To find out, we went to Dorchester High School in Boston ann talked to some of the students.

Jose Vasquez, 15: ”They’re good singers and they’re good people. They’re from here, they’re close to us, so we feel that we have to help them out to be the best.”

Yurkis Vasquez, 16: ”I just love their voices. I love it when they sing, ‘Oh, oh, oh.’ I’d like to meet them in person.”

Sheila Graham, 16: ”I like them because they sing romantic songs, and I love sentimental songs.”

Juan Vasquez, 18: ”I just saw them last week at ORC, a club down the street where they practice. They’re the best. They sing, they dance. Everything they do, they do well.”

Damaris Alonzo, 17: ”I like Jon Knight. I like his hair, his eyes. He’s beautiful. I see him in pictures, but I’d like to see him in person.”

Atria Nunez, 18: ”I like the way they dress: the brooches, the earrings, everything. And I like the way they move. They move everything.”