By now it’s clear that In Living Color not only is the one prime-time show offering a strong African-American point of view, it also boasts the best ensemble comedy troupe since the heyday of SCTV.

Creator-producer Keenen Ivory Wayans has proven to be his own best star, providing a devastating impersonation of Mike Tyson, among others, but Wayans’ brother Damon, his sister Kim, and the remarkable Tommy Davidson are the most impressive performers in this first-rate bunch.

In Living Color understands better than any other show on the air that you can make unfashionable social and political points as long as you have the laughs to back them up.

This is the only show in television history, for example, to present the Rev. Louis Farrakhan in a positive light — in the context of a funny spoof of Star Trek called ”The Wrath of Farrakhan.” By combining sharp commentary with sharp comedy, In Living Color was the most provocative show on TV. A

In Living Color
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