The Remix Album

The two members of Milli Vanilli take formal credit for the ”Music Concept” here, which presumably means they sold six million copies of their debut album and then said: ”Hey, let’s make another record, full of remixed versions of our hits!” The concept might have seemed more original if Bobby Brown, Jody Watley, and Paula Abdul hadn’t authorized remixed albums of their hits, too.

The Milli Vanilli remixes sound mostly perfunctory, but they all have one virtue: You hear the annoyingly vapid Milli voices less than in the originals. Just a little help from a decorative saxophone is enough to turn ”I’m Gonna Miss You” (always the most listenable Milli Vanilli song) into a delicious minor pleasure. There also are four songs never before available in North America, three of them so lightweight they’d be blown from memory by the slightest breeze. The fourth, ”Boy in the Tree,” at least has enough clumsy charm to help this Milli Vanilli footnote earn a passing grade.

The Remix Album
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