Notable videos for the week of June 1, 1990 -- Short reviews on recently released titles

Notable videos for the week of June 1, 1990

Blades (1990, Media, $79.98, R)
A possessed lawn mower chews up golfers at the Tall Grass Country Club. Cheap exploitation? You bet. It’s also a dead-on Jaws parody. With almost as much golf as gore, it’s a must-see for duffers with a sick sense of humor. B+

Intimate Power (1989, HBO, $89.99, R)
An inept harem romance that plays like bad Barbara Cartland but may delight fans of high camp. The cast includes Oscar winner F. Murray Abraham as the Sultan, Maud Adams as the Evil Queen, and modee Amber O’Shea as the emotionally void heroine. D

Small Sacrifices (1990, Fries, $89.95)
Was Diane Downs really a psychotic child killer, or just, uh, high-strung? Farrah Fawcett is good enough to keep you wondering, but this made-for-TV true-crime d dma goes on much too long. And the feeling that tragedy is being exploited so Farrah can prove she’s an Actress leaves a nasty taste. C-

Topaze (1933, CBS/Fox, $39.98)
As an unwitting accessory to a business scam, a naive scientist learns a lesson in liie. A modest comedy, but thanks to Ben Hecht’s screenplay, Myrna Loy’s elegant presence, and the meticulous performance of John Barrymore as Topaze, it works very well. A-

Treasure Island (1989, Turner, $79.98)
This blustery made-for-cable adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic is strictly for aspiring pirates and (possibly) their parents. Charlton Heston makes a fair Long John Silver, but Christian Bale (Empire of the Sun) excels as Jim, the boy who lives — and tells — the tale. B


Pat Boone Hits the Road (1989, Paramount, $19.95)
From tent trailer to motor home, Debby’s dad tells you all about recreational vehicles in this informational video.

Red River (1948, MGM/UA, $19.95)
Howard Hawks’ great Western places the tension between a strict father and his adopted son (John Wayne and Montgomery Clift) against the sweeping backdrop of a cattle drive along the Chisolm Trail. The best of its kind. A+

Seems Like Old Times (1980, RCA/Columbia, $19.95, PG)
A bubbly blond lawyer (Goldie Hawn) with a stuffy second husband (Charles Grodin) helps her adorable ex (Chevy Chase) out of his legal straits. It’s fun watching. B-

Stefanie Powers — Introduction to Horseback Riding and Horse Care (1989, Paramount, $19.95)
How-to guide for beginning equestrians hosted by the Hart to Hart star.

Tequila Sunrise (1988, Warner, $19.98, R)
Mel Gibson is a drug dealer gone squeaky clean. Kurt Russell, his old buddy, is also a vice cop. Throw in Michelle Pfeiffer as the perfectly coiffed, perfectly conttolled woman they both want, and who needs a screenplay that makes any sense? B

Zulu (1964, Nelson, $14.98)
Michael Caine made his first major film appearance as a colonial officer in South Africa during the great native rebellion of 1879. Spears meet guns with brutal results. B+


Back to the Future Part II (MCA, $34.98)
Michael J. Fox takes a second trip in time. B+