The best concerts EVER -- According to Cleveland area radio station WNCX

In the early 1950s, Cleveland disc jockey Alan Freed coined the phrase ”rock ‘n’ roll.” The Cleveland music scene has spawned rockers from Joe Walsh to the Raspberries to Devo, and the city is the site of the planned Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. With the summer music tour season upon us, we asked staff members at radio station WNCX-FM in Cleveland (quoted from left to right) to recall the best concert they have ever seen.

Steve Legerski, 34
promotion director
”Bruce Springsteen at Notre Dame, 1975. This was when he was just getting to be a big star. We were right up close, and it was neat to see him when he still had that blue-collar, workingman’s image.”

Bill Louis, 33
”August 1974, in Cleveland Stadium with Crosby, Stills, & Nash, Santana, the Band, Jesse Colin Young: some of rock’s all-time heavyweights. You didn’t feel the constraints of the stadium. It felt like we were sitting in a big field, almost like Woodstock. It showed me what a day of great music can do to you.”

Jerry Shirley, 38
deejay drummer with Humble Pie
”Paul McCartney’s recent show in Indianapolis. Listening to all his greatest hits and remembering when you first heard them and what they meann to you is an emotional experience.”

Rick Rydell, 32
”The 1978 Van Halen tour in Billings, Mont., because during the song ‘Feel Your Love Tonight,’ the girl in front of me asked if I wanted to go out in the pickup truck and get laid. We did and it was my birthday and I got back in time to see the encore.”

Dionne Daugenti, 22
”Meat Loaf at the Agora Theatre here last October. The room was packed, but we were up in loge seats and being able to see the audience go nuts from there instead of being in the crowd was unbelievable.”

Todd Brandt, 29
”George Thorogood in a small bar in Moorhead, Minn. It was his (early ’80s) 50-50 tour — 50 states in 50 days — and I’m sure he was a tired boy, but he put on a good show.”