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Weekly Pen Pals

I agree strongly with everything Alan Light of Moline, Ill., wrote about your movie critic (April 13). By rating great movies such as Stella, Born on the Fourth of July, and Steel Magnolias poorly, he proved he has no emotions and no taste in entertainment. He seems to grade many movies totally opposite from critics such as Siskel and Ebert, as shown in your ”Critical Mass.” Any reviewer who can’t seem to relate to your readers, much less to well-known, popular critics, has no place in your fine magazine.
A. Lane
Waddy, Ky.

To Alan Light: I think the EW movie critic is very much in touch with the readership. I subscribe to read real movie reviews, not star homages and bland recommendations of surefire hits. I’m so tired of the same ”big-name” reviewers drooling over a mediocre movie just because there are stars in it, or because it is supposed to be a big hit.

Entertainment Weekly — don’t change a thing! I would hate to see the day I can’t tell an EW review from one by a movie critic on TV.
Lori Matthews

It’s good to hear from critics who actually have intelligent reasons for not liking something. I’m a bit sick of critics who are afraid to criticize. And since when has it been a crime not to like Hemingway? Your reader in San Francisco, S.D. Hart, should know it is not irresponsible to state one’s literary views. Not every literature professor and expert thinks that Hemingway is a god. I, for one, feel he is overrated. Isn’t criticism meant to be subjective? Anyway, enough of this diatribe. I like your magazine, keep up the good work.
Susan Keeping

Lady Ludlum-lovers

”No woman on earth would want to read them at all.” From Gene Lyons’ review of Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Ultimatum (March 9). I resent the above quoted statement and don’t understand why Mr. Lyons would make such a stupid comment. Wake up, Mr. Lyons, this is the 1990s! I’m a woman and I have read all of Robert Ludlum’s books. Most of today’s women do not limit their reading to Harlequin Romances. My reading tastes range from the smutty romances of Sidney Sheldon and Rosemary Rogers to the science fiction of Robert Heinlein and Isaac Asimov. I think this variety is typical of most women. Other than the ridiculous comment about women, Lyons’ review of The Bourne Ultimatum was on target.
Kathleen Keating
East Pittsburgh, Pa.

Mr. Lyons, you are wrong!!! I have read ALL of Robert Ludlum’s books. And I have several women friends who are also avid readers of his novels. So, Mr. Lyons, an F to you on this one.
Barbara L. Scafferi
Marshalltown, Iowa

This quote merely reveals what an ass this pompous Gene Lyons really is. For this idiot’s information, I buy Ludlum as soon as his work appears in the bookstores. I also work with a woman who shares my passion for this man’s unsurpassed grasp of the spy genre. To paraphrase an old chesnut: ”Those who can, do; those who can’t become critics.”
Gretchen Leasure
Campbell, Calif.