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Fits of Peaks

If Ken Tucker finds that Twin Peaks (April 6) doesn’t ”reek of smugness,” it’s quite understandable. After all, it’s hard to judge the stench of the swamp when one has been bathing in it. Of course, he is not alone; critics everywhere have been falling all over themselves to praise the show, I suspect, because David Lynch’s name is attached to it.

But if this series owes a lot to Blue Velvet, it owes as much to Dune, for it is one of the most boring and pretentious shows ever to waste airtime. Its quirky editing and gratuitous morbidity are sure signs that Lynch is not interested in making viewers think, lest they see through his cinematic charade. If this is the year’s best show, then network television is in sorrier shape than any of us suspected.
Chris Peterson
Yorba Linda, Calif.

I’ve been a David Lynch fan for years. Twin Peaks is the best show this season, and a big risk for ABC.

When is the expanded, TV version of Dune (1987) going to be released on video?
Gordon Dupras
Elkhorn, Neb.

MCA Home Video, which released the movie on cassette, has no plans to offer the long version.

I can’t find a Letters-to-the-Editors department in your new magazine, and with your ridiculous reviews, who can blame you for dodging the flak? Silliest, so far, was your review of ABC’s Twin Peaks. Since Lynch made one of my favorite movies, The Elephant Man, and since ABC was courageous enough to air the superb series, Max Headroom, I waited eagerly for the show. And kept waiting all the way through the program. What hype! What disappointment!
Sandra J. Fulton
Ramsey, N.J.

What a show! What a weird mind! Kudos to you for bringing Twin Peaks to the fore and giving it and David Lynch the support they deserve.
Nancy Shufeldt
St. Charles, Mo.

Thanks a lump. I read your review of Twin Peaks and salivated. God’s gift to television! I tried to forget that David Lynch directed a pile of crapola called Eraserhead. I set my VCR to record Peaks for future generations. The show began slowly. Then it came to a dead stop. I did not laugh. I did not cry. I was not shocked or even surprised. I’m looking for the word. . .boredom. That’s it, I was bored.
Steven D. Levine
Los Angeles

The first hours were immensely enjoyable. I eagerly await forthcoming episodes.

I’ve the uneasy feeling Agent Cooper will not survive, but will be killed near the end, gasping a last message to the unseen Diane onto his tape recorder. Sheriff Harry S. Truman will nab the culprit (probably sobbing Deputy Andy or Dr. Hayward).
Ruth Britt
El Dorado, Ariz.

Thin-shelled fans

Your review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (March30) stunk. You say the Turtles have no personality. Well, they have more than you do. Your type of movie is probably Pee-wee Herman. They’re humorous, unlike your writing. You’re sarcastic and boring. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are AWESOME!
Shellie Bolyard
Trenton, Mich.