Notable videos for the week of April 27 -- Short reviews on recently released titles

Notable videos for the week of April 27

Betrayed (1988, MGM/UA, R) A dull, moronic fable about FBI agent Debra Winger infiltrating Midwest neo-Nazis and falling madly in bed with farmer/führer Tom Berenger. In a bit part, John Mahoney chillingly captures the folksy appeal and immense menace of America’s real white supremacists. C-

Child’s Play (1988, MGM/UA, R) Two reasons to check it out: 1) So the upcoming sequel won’t catch you off guard; 2) To hear Jessica Walter’s (Play Misty for Me) chilling, uncredited voice issuing forth from Chucky, the demon doll. B

For Keeps (1988, RCA/Columbia, PG-13) A would-be prom queen (Molly Ringwald) and her understanding boyfriend (Randall Batinkoff) try to make it work when she becomes pregnant. C-

Foreign Correspondent (1940, Warner) When an American crime reporter (Joel McCrea) is dispatched to Europe to cover the coming war, he needs all his street smarts to keep up with the spies and assassins Hitchcock sends his way. The finale beats almost any contemporary thriller for excitement and effects. A+

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (1967, MGM/UA, $19.95) After Horatio Alger, but before Michael J. Fox, there was this Broadway musical about a window washer who follows a corporate-climbing howwto book so literally that it works. Star Robert Morse won a Tony for the same role on the stage. A

I Confess (1953, Warner, $19.98) Hitchcock thriller starring Montgomery Clift as a priest who hears a confession of murder, then must decide whether to keep the secret or save himself. With Anne Baxter and Karl Malden. B

Irma La Douce (1963, MGM/ UA) Billy Wilder’s farce stars Shirley MacLaine as a Parisian hooker and Jack Lemmon as the gendarme who is smitten by her. C+

My Stepmother Is an Alien (1988, RCA/Columbia, PG-13) Hot-lipped alien (Kim Basinger) lands on the doorstep of a bumbling earthling scientist (Dan Aykroyd). Predictable confusion ensues. D

The Party (1968, MGM/UA, $19.95) Peter Sellers stars as a bungling actor accidentally invited to a swank Hollywood soiree. Directed by Blake Edwards. B

Punchline (1988, RCA/Columbia, R) Sally Field is a housewife-turned-comedian and Tom Hanks is her jaded mentor. A sobering but slightly dull tour of stand-up comedy’s scuzzz backstage world. B-

Ran (1985, CBS/Fox, R) Director Akira Kurosawa’s version of Shakespeare’s King Lear is set in 16th-century Japan. Japanese with English subtitles. A

The Rose Garden (1989, Cannon, $89.95, PG-13) Despite fine perforrfores from Liv Ullman and Maximilian Schell, this is a dull courtroom drama about an attorney defending a Holocaust survivor. D

The Wrong Man (1956, Warner, $19.98) Henry Fonda as a nightclub musician arrested and tried for crimes he did not commit. With Vera Miles and Anthony Quayle. A

Special Interest
The Life and Times of John F. Kennedy (1964, Wood Knapp, $24.95, B&W) This shallow biography of the former President is woodenly narrated by Cliff Robertson. Historical footage makes for good watching, but you’ve seen it all before. C

UFO — The Unsolved Mystery (1988, Wood Knapp, $19.95) The fact or fiction of extraterrestrial life. Hosted by Mike Farrell (M*A*S*H)