Letters from our readers -- Check out the readers who agreed with us, and those who didn't

Letters from our readers

Our corner office-bound Critic On The Loose, Jeff Jarvis, seems to have a knack for reaching out and ticking off someone, as this week’s letters prove.

Rooney Redux

We think Jarvis is ”the twit!” If he wants to defect to Canada, God bless him, and let him keep going north as far as he can. We enjoy Andy Rooney. He adds a light touch to the end of a heavy program.
Richard and Pat Mize

I hope you get well soon. Anyone who doesn’t enjoy Andy Rooney must be ill. He’s the greatest — fun, and a wonderful change of pace.
Collette Lawrence
Paw Paw, Mich

Regarding ”Rooney Tunes” (March 16), may I say thank you so much for summing up, so eloquently, why Andy Rooney is such an unbearable ”twit.” I am happy there is at least one intelligent journalist out there.
Daryl A. Miles
Orlando, Fla.

Defect to Canada — if they will have you.
Joan Fayard
New Orleans

Bawls and Strikes

In ”And Throw Away the Key” (March 30) you wrote ”Call me un-American; call me Canadian. . .I hate baseball.” Are you implying that Canadians hate baseball? For your information, Canadians love baseball! The Toronto Blue Jays set an American League attendance record last year. This year they will set a new one. When you stereotype Canadians, please choose your words more carefully!
Ed Cosman
Exeter, Ontario

I could not agree with Jarvis more. I hope he feels the same way about football, basketball, hockey, soccer, etc. Too many times, Murder She Wrote has been pushed back past my bedtime because some dumb game takes over two hours to end.
Raymond V. Brandes
Highland Park, N. J.

I am writing because I am furious about ”And Throw Away the Key”! My wife, who is Swedish, read me the article and agreed with Jarvis about baseball. Lambasting the National Pastime is intolerable! How dare he! If you want to sell magazines, remember, there are very few Swedes in this country who buy Entertainment Weekly! My wife, unfortunately, happens to be one of the rare ones.
Robert S. Malmet
Bronx, N.Y.

Volcano Fan Erupts

Owen Gleiberman goes to great lengths to trash Joe Versus the Volcano (March 16), going so far as to brand it with an ”F.” I’m afraid he completely misunderstood Joe, confusing it, perhaps, with slapstick or screwball comedy. It happens to be a wildly off-center melodrama, which doesn’t force its laughs. Tom Hanks’ performance reveals his long-hidden talent for acting, rather than mere buffoonery. As for John Patrick Shanley, as a virgin director he’s done a rather fine job of interpreting his own material. I say this film is a solid ”B”.
Gene Popa
Lansing, Ill.

Censorship Scares

The censorship article ”See No Evil. . .” was an illogical and senseless attempt to frighten people into thinking government is taking away their rights. On the contrary, government is protecting our right to live in a society that is not inundated with obscenity. In an industry that bases its decisions on profit, it is absurd to think that the entertainment business will regulate themselves.
Dirk E. Anderson
Orlando, Fla.