Cold Feet

With a cast that includes Keith Carradine, Sally Kirkland, and Tom Waits and a script by maverick novelist-screenwriters Jim Harrison (Revenge) and Thomas McGuane you’d think Cold Feet would be quirky and interesting. But even if you like offbeat movies, this is an overdose of precious camp.

The leads play a trio of low-watt lowliies smuggling emeralds from Mexico in the belly of a prize stud horse. Once over the border, Carradine double-crosses marriage-hungry fiancee Kirkland and bona fide psycho Waits and spirits the horse to a ranch owned by his brother.

There are flickers of gonzo levity, especially in Waits’ portrayal of a hit man as mean as he is dumb. And Kirkland, too, has inspired moments. But it’s a losing battle against a ridiculous script. Maybe lines such as ”You’re a cheerleader with your enthusiasms” tickled McGuane and Harrison when they put them on paper, but out of the mouths of actors they’re unworkable. Cold Feet is an eccentric adventure whose creators are too smug about the genre they’re sending up.

Cold Feet
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