The premise of City of Angels is ingenious. Stine, an author of 1940s private- eye novels, is involved in the making of a film noir about the adventures of his invented alter ego, Stone. Cy Coleman’s score, to David Zippel’s lyrics, is a jazzy pastiche of ’40s musical styles. Few of the songs, though, show any signs of life beyond serviceable parody, with two enjoyable exceptions. The private eye’s faithful girl Friday (Randy Graff) sings a witty, torchy ballad, ”YoCan Always Count on Me,” and the novelist and his creation (Gregg Edelman, James Naughton) sing a duet, ”You’re Nothing Without Me,” that is reprised at the end of the show with a change of pronouns (”I’m Nothing Without You”). This catchy number is so exhilarating that it has a good chance of becoming a standard. B-

City of Angels
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