Blind Fury

It’s probably no great mystery why Rutger Hauer seems intent on transforming himself from a gifted, world-class movie star into a grade-Z action hero: He’s going to make a lot more money that way. (By the same reasoning, Paul Prudhomme would do well to open a fast-food chain-McGumbo’s.) Blind Fury is an Americanized version of the Japanese action series about a blind swordsman named Zatoichi. The hero of the series can’t see, but he’s so mystically centered he wields a samurai blade with lethal precision. The Zatoichi films are amusing comic-strip spectaculars — the blood spurts like something out of a Hawaiian Punch commercial. The action in Blind Fury, on the other hand, is resolutely earthbound and heavy-duty. The fact that Hauer kicks, slashes, and punches without the benefit of sight just makes you acutely aware of how ludicrous this stuff always is.

Blind Fury
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