Aspects of Love

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s newest musical opened on Broadway April 8. Be warned that it’s musically feeble. Of its two showcased tunes, ”Love Changes Everything” may remind yofaintly of ”O Happy We” from Bernstein’s Candide, and ”The First Man You Remember” sounds a bit like Kern’s ”They Didn’t Believe Me.” The CD booklet to Aspects of Love supplies not even a plot synopsis of what the cast is singing about; yoare invited to write for a libretto and allow six to eight weeks for delivery. Reviews I’ve seen of the London show suggest that the story, based on a novel set in ’50s France, is interesting and peculiar. The young British hero, Alex, falls in love at 17 with a French actress, Rose, whom he loses to his uncle, George. Years later Alex returns to fall in love with George and Rose’s 15-year-old daughter. The general effect of Lloyd Webber’s score (to lyrics by Don Black and Charles Hart) is one of having syrup poured over your head. There’s a fine vocal performance by Kevin Colson as the senior member of the romantic triangle, but the composer’s attempt to whip us into a sentimental froth is easily resisted. C

Aspects of Love
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