”This is the story,” the title song goes, ”of an evening of glory.” Not quite, but at least it’s different. Terri and her dog, Jake, wandering in the woods, come upon an uproarious songfest organized by animals — the Quackity Yakity Bop. Bop, its 18 numbers linked by narration in the manner of an old- fashioned musical, is a grand concept, desperately in search of a grand song that lives up to its promise. No such luck.

From the animals, Terri learns such lessons as ”Be kind to your web-footed friends/For a duck may be somebody’s mother” (to the tune of ”Stars and Stripes Forever”). There is a funny, operatic version of ”Three Blind Mice” with whistling, a so-so ”Turkey in the Straw,” and a rap song called ”People Are Animals Too!!” Everything follows a we-all-share-this-earth theme; it’s a noble idea, but not a compelling production.

As Terri and Jake leave the magical Bop for the real world, there is the usual lesson: ”If you listen very carefully on a full-moon night, you might hear your own special concert.” This tape wants to be special; at its best, it’s merely entertaining. C+