The Kissing Place

Talk about parental discretion advised. Meredith Baxter-Birney and David Ogden Stiers — six names trapped in a bad TV movie — star as a married couple who kidnap a baby boy and raise him as their own. The movie begins when the boy (Nathaniel Moreau) is a strapping preteen, and he has begun to suspect that these two are not his real mom and dad.

Mom thinks dad is going to tell the boy the truth so she shoots the sap, as the boy watches. The boy lights out of there real fast, to search all over the country for his real parents. After many harrowing incidents, some of them involving lascivious truck drivers, he succeeds.

If any of this had been done with skill or subtlety, The Kissing Place‘s crasser incidents might be forgiven. As it is, this is just an odious, sadistic little movie. D

The Kissing Place
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