Kid 'N Play's Funhouse

The world outside rap now knows about Kid ‘N Play because they star in the movie House Party. Not surprisingly, their new album includes — and takes its name from — ”Funhouse,” their song in the film. Kid ‘N Play’s Funhouse is bouncy fun, marked by an amiable taste of what we might call recording vérité: Each track is introduced by a few seconds of often-giggly studio dialogue. The words of the raps that follow can be hard to make out, though one clear idea comes through: The guys think they’re pretty cool. And why not? They are.

Fun fact: One track on this album, ”I Don’t Know,” also shows up on Salt-N-Pepa’s Blacks’ Magic. The two groups act out a dialogue in which a woman denounces her unfaithful man as a ”slut.” It’s a refreshing shock to see men endorse the sexual honesty women rappers routinely demand of them. B-

Kid 'N Play's Funhouse
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