Old Sultan is a farm dog whose owner plans to shoot him because he’s no longer useful. So he plots with his friend the fox to make himself seem indispensable. That simple story shouldn’t be confusing, but in this cartoon version, it is. The characters’ motivations (crucial to understanding the morality of a fairy tale) often aren’t clear, and the overabundant action is difficult to follow.

”These people look weird,” my son said, noting that the baby in one scene is, for no apparent reason, cross-eyed. They do look weird. But they sound weirder. Every character shouts in a speedy monotone; it actually stunned my son and me into silence for a couple of minutes; we’d never heard anything like it.

The combination of voices, the crude music, and the unimaginative and sometimes even ugly animation is very irritating. The best thing about the tape is that after 22 minutes, it ends. F