Of the 11 songs on Camels, Cats and Rainbows, my favorites are the anonymous old standard ”The Ants Go Marching” (”One by one/Hurrah”) and the Jimmy Davis- Charles Mitchell classic ”You Are My Sunshine.”

As a singer, Paul Strausman has a sweet, gentle voice that children will enjoy. His original songs, which fill most of the tape, are so sweet and gentle they border on insipid. Children may enjoy them, but they will drive parents crazy.

”Emil, the Camel” (”Life can get lonely/For a camel”) is the first, and last, camel spiritual I plan to hear in my lifetime. But I admit: In a sugary way, it’s pretty. So is ”Cats” (”Everywhere you go/Cats are purring in the sunshine”). So is ”The Season Song” (”Slip and slide and sled and skate/In the winter when the world turns white”).

Is pretty enough? It’s enough to soothe a preschooler, but probably not to entertain him for long. C+