Which how-to-golf video is best for you? -- EW reviews a list of recent videos to help you improve your swing

Jack Nicklaus: Golf My Way II-Playing the Game (Worldvision, $84.95)
Certainly, Jack’s way is the best way, and that alone is enough to recommend this tape, despite the price. It runs more than two hours and covers everything — not that you’ll remember it all. One flaw: The tape is crammed with plugs for courses designed by Nicklaus himself. B+

PGA Tour Golf (IVE, $19.95 each)
This three-tape series features five top pros (Hal Sutton, Craig Stadler, Lanny Wadkins, Payne Stewart, and Tom Kite), each discussing his specialty. None, however, is especially articulate, and several end up repeating or — even worse — contradicting each other. C+

The Bobby Jones Instructional Series: The Full Swing (Sybervision, $69.95)
Never mind the high-tech instructions of others, I’ll take the 50-year-old footage of this Southern gentleman with the hickory-shaft clubs. Jones was a sports legend (he retired at 28 with 13 major titles) and one memorable shot brings it all back: On a dare, Jones takes aim and drives a shot through a camera lens from about 50 yards away. A

Billy Casper: Golf Like a Pro (Morris Video, $14.95)
Casper is no smoothie on camera and, like many of us, has a belly that must be circumvented to set the right stance. But his folksy demeanor is comforting and his logic is often inarguable. The highlight is Casper’s water-skipping shot — if you have the nerve to try it on your own. B

The Wide World of Golf (Video Magazines International, $24.95 each)
The first two issues of this slickly produced bimononly magazine on cassette features advice from the likes of Lee Trevino, Greg Norman, and Nick Faldo. The most recent issue highlights ”great chokes in golf history,” a topic that any weekend duffer can identify with. A-

All-Star Golf, Volumes 1-6 (Paramount, $19.95 each)
These tapes are nothing more than a collection of old black-and-white clips of great golfers making great shots. The theory seems to be that you will improve by osmosis. Hey, if that were true, all the guys who snooze through televised tournaments would be club pros by now. F

Jan Stephenson’s How to Golf (Warner, $19.98)
This tape is for beginners — men and women — and may be the best available at teaching the basics. In less than 60 minutes, Stephenson covers everything from selecting clubs to getting out of the rough. A-

Bob Mann’s Complete Automatic Golf Method (VidAmerica, $19.98)
Mann is still king of the genre, and it’s easy to see why. Never mind that half of this video was shot in a hotel room, Mann’s theory of golf as a ”paint-by-numbers game” seems to make good sense. A