By Ken Tucker
March 30, 1990 at 05:00 AM EST

Shadow Theater is television’s newest attempt to cash in on the immense popularity of contemporary horror films: a weekly half-hour about the history and the filming of these sorts of movies. The debut edition of Shadow Theater is half-junk, half-interesting stuff.

The junk is a superficial piece about the filming of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3. No one involved in the movie says anything worth hearing, and the voice-over narration is full of hot air about ”the gripping realism of horror cinema” and how this new Chainsaw will ”build on the Leatherface mythos.”

The good segment is an interview with brother filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen, who analyze their 1984 horror thriller, Blood Simple, in lucid, amusing terms.

As a behind-the-scenes look at horror movies, Shadow Theater is a good idea, certainly superior to such watered-down TV-horror efforts as Freddy’s Nightmares. But Shadow will have to transcend its tendency to air promotional puff pieces if it’s to be of any use to horror fans. C

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