Looney Tunes

Any sensible parent likes to impart certain traditional values to his or her child; among the most common are honesty, loyalty, neatness, and admiration for the anarchy of Daffy Duck.

The great national treasure of the Warner Bros. cartoons is on display every day on a pair of cable stations, Nickelodeon and Ted Turner’s TNT, but ^ parents seeking to prove to their offspring that animation can be more than the Smurfs should be warned about the differences between the two.

Turner has been criticized by film fans for colorizing classic movies, but TNT’s Bugs Bunny and Pals does right by its cartoons. Every day, you can see Warner’s Merrie Melodies from the ’30s and ’40s, as well as the Max Fleischer-directed Popeye cartoons and MGM’s earliest Tom and Jerry cartoons.

By contrast, Nickelodeon treats its audience with contempt. Its Looney Tunes half-hour frequently lops off the opening credits. Now how are you supposed to train your child to know the difference between a Tex Avery-directed Daffy cartoon and a Chuck Jones gem? Nickelodeon also runs far too many ’60s Warner Bros. efforts, the cartoons made when the studio was slashing its budget and succumbing to bland, stiff limited-animation.

No, if you want your child to thrill to the beauty and wit of cartoons such as Draftee Daffy and The Great Piggy Bank Robbery, TNT is definitely the channel to have.
Bugs Bunny A; Looney Tunes B-

Looney Tunes
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