The John Lennon Collection

What can you say about a John Lennon reissue on CD? That among Collection‘s 19 tracks you’ll find almost all of Lennon’s solo hits, among them songs like ”Instant Karma!” and ”Imagine”? You won’t find every solo hit, because this package was originally released in 1982 and didn’t include ”Nobody Told Me,” which rode the pop charts (posthumously) in 1984. What else might matter? Well, for collectors, the 1982 album had two unreleased versions of Lennon songs: ”Move Over Ms. L” (the B-side of ”Stand By Me”) and ”Happy Xmas (War is Over)”; this CD reissue adds an unreleased version of ”Cold Turkey.”

Otherwise remember: These songs are well loved, but not always substantial. Some of them — ”Woman,” for instance — are starting to sound even sappy. B

The John Lennon Collection
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