The Incredible Mr. Limpet

I remember seeing The Incredible Mr. Limpet on a Saturday afternoon when I was 12 and thinking this was a clever idea, mixing animation and live action to tell a rip-roaring World War II story (cartoons and war stories being, at the time, my favorite forms of entertainment). I also remember leaving wishing somebody would do it better.

The years haven’t been kind to this adventure of a nebbishy Brooklyn bookkeeper who finds love and glory when he ”devolves” into a fish. The overbearing sououtrack, including six songs by Sammy Fain (”Secret Love”) and Harold Adamson (”It’s a Most Unusual Day”), is as forgettable now as it was 26 years ago. Still, given its cast of such TV stalwarts as Don Knotts, Andrew Duggan, Jack Weston, and Larry Keating, one could say that, in coming to video, the movie has, like its hero, devolved to its appropriate form. C-

The Incredible Mr. Limpet
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