The poster art notwithstanding, Dealers barely features Rebecca DeMornay. The movie is about a hotshot bond trader (Paul McGann) on the London Exchange. We know he’s glamorous and daring because he lives in a huge, empty country estate and commutes to work via seaplane (impractical but impressive). He’s planning a big score, but his bosses bring in a cool American trader (DeMornay) to temper his gambler’s instincint. He rebels, they fight, they fall into bed, and, in director Colin Bucksey’s rock-vid style, it’s all supposed to be very sexy.

It’s not sexy. It’s silly. McGann struggles to deliver a character of substance, but he’s stuck playing a jerk. DeMornay, who gave Risky Business its one element of real risk, is simply a prize to be won, not a character that makes sense. For all its visual gymnastics, Dealers falls flat. D

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