Smog, oil spills, the destruction of the rain forests and the ozone layer, the wetlands, the giant redwoods…if there’s an environmental crisis Adventures on the Air Cycle doesn’t cover — and cover energetically — I don’t know about it.

But then maybe I’m not, to quote a phrase from the Banana Slugs’ smog song ”Brown Air,” ”a hip and hopin’ human being.”

The Banana Slugs, whose folksy albums and live shows are devoted to environmental issues, are certainly in the right place, ecologically speaking. This virtue, as well as the occasional hip and hopin’ tune (”Tidepool Boogie” stands out here), should redeem their often awkward lyrics.

But it will take a lot of recycling to redeem this line (from ”Air Cycle”): ”Sun, soil, water and CO2/Produces oxygen for me and you.”

To be sure, ”Makin’ oxygen is where it’s at,” but whatever happened to just makin’ music? C+