Now Pitching, Bob Feller

Rapid Robert Feller, the Iowa farm boy who was the first pitcher to race his fastball against a motorcyle (his fastball won), is as folksy and prickly as Wilford Brimley on a morning when the Quaker Oats box is empty. Lotsa changes since Bob hung ’em up in the mid-1950s, most of ’em not fer the good: ”You see runners stealing bases in the ninth inning with a ten-run lead. Why? To build up their individual numbers so they’ll make more money.” You might want to argue, but you can sense it would do no good. Bob’s convinced today’s players just plain have an attitude problem. If you’re of the same attitude as Feller, Now Pitching, Bob Feller is your book. B

Now Pitching, Bob Feller
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