We talked to college students to get their opinions on the house bands on Arsenio Hall, Johnny Carson, and more

College students have an enviable ability to stay up way too late and still handle 8 a.m. classes. So it’s no wonder they’re such experts on late-night TV, particularly the music featured at those hours.

To get some educated opinions on the current lineup of television bands, we visited the crowd that hangs out in the Haggett Hall television lounge at the University of Washington in Seattle. Here are some of their words about late-night-TV music.
Jeanine Sanclemente, senior: ”Arsenio Hall’s band (the Posse) is the best. The music on Arsenio makes you wanna dance!”

Michael Griesbaum, senior: ”All the bands are trying to copy Shaffer’s style and humor. Look at the Posse: They’re just a copy of Shaffer’s band.”

Jill Strainer, sophomore: ”I think the Posse has really good rapport with Arsenio. I mean, the band members are actually involved in the show. Arsenio draws out more of the individual personalities, and they joke around with each other a lot. Johnny Carson talks to Doc Severinsen, but mostly the band just fades in and out before and after the commercials — that’s it.”

Mark Yee, sophomore: ”Mostly it depends on my mood. When I’m in a good mood, I like Arsenio’s band. When I’m in a mellow mood, I like Johnny Carson’s band. When I’m in a strange mood, definitely Letterman and his band.”

Jon Drake, freshman: ”David Letterman’s band is probably the most ‘today’ kind of band.”

Riana Carpenter, freshman: ”I don’t watch Pat Sajak. He’s a human lollipop. My favorite is David Letterman’s band. Paul Shaffer’s such a dweeb.”

Darren Gray, senior: ”The Posse’s riffs are jazzy; they’re really into what they’re doing. Johnny’s band is OK, if you’re into Paul Anka’s songs.”

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