The Town That Got Out of Town

It’s a hot labor day weekend in Boston, and everyone gets out of town; even the dinosaurs in the museum get bored, pack their bags and radios, and hit the road. So — why not? — the buildings decide to leave too.

What happens when the whole city of Boston floats up the coast to Portland, Maine, makes for The Town That Left Town, a tall tale that’s bound to be a hit with adults and kids.

Most of the kicks is in the illustrations: Skyscrapers float serenely past someone’s window, and roads and stairs are left behind, with pipes and wires connected to nothing. Best of all is the quietly lunatic moment when Boston buildings have a good, gossipy visit with old Portland land friends. Churches discuss religion, the tallest buildings muse about air quality, and libraries exchange journals by scooting a cart back and forth. A

The Town That Got Out of Town
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