Scandal in a Small Town

Here’s a classic case of video bait-and-switch: From the cover shot of Raquel Welch in a skimpy bustier and the prominent ”uncut/unrated ” notice on the box, the average video customer might assume we’re dealing with some fairly steamy fare here. In fact, the only scandal is that Scandal in a Small Town is a tame made-for-TV movie that would barely rate a PG if it played in theaters.

Welch plays cocktail waitress Leda Beth Vincent. When her daughter, Julie, picks up some outrageous anti-Semitic ideas at school, Welch bravely takes on the school board.

None of the characters says anything illuminating about prejudice, but they sure do act up a storm. At times Welch rises above it all, but the Raquel we know rides in limos, wraps up in a fur, and poses for Vanity Fair. Isn’t it a bit much asking viewers to listen to her say, ”Aw, Punkin’, I’m ever’body’s favorite waitress”? C-

Scandal in a Small Town
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