Love at Large

It’s fun to see Tom Berenger loosen up and play a befuddled private eye in Love at Large. His Harry Dobbs is one of those shambling, gravel-voiced, post-Philip Marlowe clowns who are always three steps behind the case they’re supposed to be on top of. The film’s big mystery, which involves a crafty bigamist (played by the talented Ted Levine), is sly, funny, and genuinely mysterious — at least until it starts melting into yet another one of director Alan Rudolph’s lovelorn roundelays. This time, Berenger and Elizabeth Perkins are the couple who are meant for each other but, due to mysterious Rudolphian circumstances, can’t actually get together until the final scene. Rudolph remains a spry and witty original, but the line between romance and masochism in his movies is starting to grow perilously thin. B-

Love at Large
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