Kidsongs: Cars, Boats, Trains, and Planes

Word of mouth was positive about the Kidsongs tapes, so I was eager to try one out. It was a great disappointment.

In Kidsongs: Cars, Boats, Trains, and Planes, a group of kids, on an adventure with mischievous Uncle George, get to ride on various kinds of vehicles. But the songs and the visuals are so bland they’re irritating. The musical arrangements, including a lifeless rendition of ”Up, Up and Away,” are unimaginative and watered down.

But I have a bigger problem. Why, if you want a child to enjoy music, give it to him in a diluted form? When my son puts on an audio tape, he usually sings along, and often dances — sometimes furiously — around the room. The music is in him. A child watching a tape of other children performing songs is much more passive. He focuses on the TV, diminishing the way the music gets into his spirit.

There’s also a promotional piece at the end of this tape, with Mariette Hartley, surrounded by kids, pitching Kidsongs tapes. It’s as bad as any Saturday-morning commercial — the producers ought to be ashamed. D

Kidsongs: Cars, Boats, Trains, and Planes
  • Movie
  • 30 minutes