Baby Songs

In Baby Songs, produced by two mothers of young children, many of the songs have a message, cleverly reinforced by the action. One of my favorites in this collection of 10 music videos, ”Today I Took My Diapers Off,” shows toddlers admiring the way their ”pants are not puffed out in back,” and wee kids happily getting on and off potty seats. Other message songs include ”My Mommy Comes Back” (as opposed to ”drops me off at day care and leaves me there forever”) and ”Security,” which I liked for the waltzlike melody, and also for the shot of a dad trying to wrest a blanket he wants to wash from a toddler.

I can’t imagine that kids at the low and high ends of the recommended age range would get much out of this tape. (Would you prop up your infant in front ! of the VCR? Wouldn’t 5- or 6-year-olds find these songs too babyish?) But a toddler might get a big kick — and a good hit of reassurance — from some of these pleasant songs. B+

Baby Songs
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