The One and Only Me

This is not so much a tape as it is a morning at a progressive preschool. It’s all cheer and sunlight and thoughtful little lessons in life.

Listening to The One and Only Me, I can almost smell the paste and graham crackers and construction paper. And I can hear the screech of chalk on the blackboard.

No, wait a second. That’s not chalk; that’s Lisa Atkinson’s voice. It’s hard to ignore at best, and impossible when she enters her Minnie Pearl mode, as she does in the homespun ”One More Try”: ”If what you do means a lot to you, give it one more try.”

Nothing wrong with that sentiment, or with ”Families Are Made of Love,” which should cheer even the most depressed youngster, or with the title song, which seems designed to build toddler self-esteem.

Then there is ”Myrtle the Turtle,” which seems designed to build self- esteem among frogs and turtles.

I don’t know. Maybe I just don’t care enough about frogs and turtles.

But when I listen to a tape like Me, so close to being purely enjoyable but so stymied by its conscience, I think: When you’re 5 years old, isn’t having fun enough? B+

The One and Only Me
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