Bruce Hornsby, Paul McCartney, and Sinead O'Connor made news this week

The Way It Is This Time
Bruce Hornsby is in the final stages of recording his third album, due this spring and tentatively called A Night on the Town. Special guests include Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, jazzman Wayne Shorter, and new-wave banjoist Bela Fleck. Of the tune on which both Shorter and Fleck play, Hornsby says, ”It’s John Coltrane meets Earl Scruggs.”

How Deep Can You Get?
In April the Fox network will broadcast a show from the Rolling Stones’ Steel Wheels tour. Although nearly identical concert material was seen already on pay-per-view, this time some of the show will be in 3-D.

Bands on the Run
Paul McCartney’s U.S. tour continues in April with a series of dates on the West Coast and in the South. And Eric Clapton hits the States at the end of March, starting in the South and sweeping around the country to end up on the West Coast in early May.

Squeeze Play
Let’s say you’re a power-pop band that’s just about to switch record companies. But you have an extra album you’re dying to put out. What to do? Well, if you’re Squeeze, and your manager has his own label, you do a quickie one-shot deal. That’s why A Round and A Bout, a live Squeeze album, will be released this May on the obscure Deptford Fun City label and distributed by I.R.S., which is owned by the band’s manager, Miles Copeland.

This Week’s Obligatory Elvis Item
Bruce Springsteen sings ”Viva Las Vegas” and Paul McCartney does ”It’s Now or Never” on The Last Temptation of Elvis. This tribute album, due out in Britain in March but with no U.S. release date as yet, also features Hall & Oates, Robert Plant, the Pogues, Dion, and Aaron Neville.

Let It Grow, Let It Grow, Let It Grow
Irish rocker Sinead O’Connor will put out her second album, I Don’t Want What I Can’t Have, in late March. When she released her debut three years ago, O’Connor had shaved her head. Now, says a spokeswoman, ”she has a little bit of hair.”