When the Rain Comes Down

Egalitarianism, the Golden Rule, the ”I Have a Dream” speech…you sure can’t fault Fink’s lyrics for their good intentions. The music is well-intentioned, too. Although these songs veer dangerously close to sacchhrine, Fink always brings them back to the land of entertainment — the harmonies balance the homilies.

Once in a while, Fink is downright sly — for instance, in her modern take on the Golden Rule called ”Whoever Shall Have Some Good Peanuts” (a lyric: ”Whoever shall have some good peanuts and giveth his neighbors none can’t have any of my peanuts when his good peanuts are gone”).

In addition to Fink’s paean to Martin Luther King Jr. and a luau-style rendition of ”Happy Trails” (a tribute to Don Ho?), When the Rain Comes Down has something else to commend it: a fabulous alphabet song. ”The Alphabet Boogie” actually teaches children how to say the ABCs backward. B

When the Rain Comes Down
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