The Super Mario Bros. Super Show

It’s never a good idea to dismiss something out of hand, but one is certainly tempted to with The Super Mario Bros. Super Show. A kid’s show based on an addictive video game- who needs it?

This syndicated hit half-hour features Mario Brothers cartoons that are not bad at all, with above-average animation. The brothers, Mario and Luigi, race around rescuing damsels in distress, fighting dragons, and outwitting masked bad guys. The most original thing about all this is that the brothers are supposed to be just a couple of ordinary plumbers.

But the live-action sketches featuring a pair of human Mario Brothers are abysmal. Just how abysmal? Well, one of the brothers is played by former pro wrestler Captain Lou Albano. The Captain, who made his fame pretending to be a real athlete, has no flair for dialogue and slapstick; this is one of the few children’s shows around that must employ canned laughter to prompt a young audience. If they got rid of the actors and spent a little more time making the cartoons funnier and faster-paced, this would be one commercial for video games I’d be willing to recommend. C-

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show
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