In Stolen: One Husband, we have the week’s most unappealing mixture of actors — Elliott Gould, Brenda Vaccaro, and Valerie Harper — in a singularly unappealing TV movie.

Gould stars as a businessman who, married to Harper for 25 years, has a mid-life crisis. He embarks on an affair with a sexy young business reporter, played by Brenda Bakke. Where does Vaccaro fit in? She’s Harper’s cynical, wisecracking best friend, a role she plays as a sort of cross between Thelma Ritter and Lainie Kazan.

The plot of this putative comedy is numbingly familiar. In an attempt to get back at Gould, Harper has her own affair (with a sheepish-looking Bruce Davison). But both Gould and Harper know, deep down, that they’re still in love with each other. Sigh.

No wonder director Catlin Adams used Gould and Vacaro — they’d already starred in a feature-film version of this collection of

For the record, classic lines, all of them shouted at top volume by the actors, include: ”I can’t do this anymore-all the lying and sneaking around!”; ”You knew I was married before we started this!”; ”You make me feel young again!”; ”I can’t do this to her-she built her whole life around me!”; ”Who is she? And, please, don’t lie to me!”

OK! This is the worst TV movie in the history of this magazine! F