”Amiable” seems to be the best word for Digital Underground, who’ve been famous, at least in rap and dance circles, for such hit singles as ”The Humpty Dance” and ”Doowutchyalike.” Now they’ve made their first album, Sex-Packets, which, naturally, includes those two singles. And generally it just lopes along with amiable raps, amiable beats, even amiable explicit sex talk throughout side two. The second side is the ”sex side,” or so the album says. Side one is the ”safe side”: safe to be played on the radio, get it?

But then side two also is full of talk about condoms: no irresponsibility from Digital Underground. No musical irresponsibility, either. The beats sound like some musical equivalent of a patchwork quilt stitched from only three or four patches — which then fit together just a little more slyly than you’d expect.

I like all that. Too bad the album (and especially the extended version on cassette) drags on much too long, just doing that same old amiable thing. C+

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