Nope, Daughter of the Streets is not a TV movie about the first female sanitation worker. This tale of a teenager’s descent into prostitution is hokey and ludicrous as only an X- rated topic on G-rated prime-time can be.

Roxana Zal stars as a young woman who feels unloved by her community-activist mom, played by Jane Alexander. Mom is too busy getting herself arrested while organizing rent strikes to pay attention to Zal.

The way the movie is set up, all it takes is a couple of mother-daughter spats for Zal to go running into the arms of a vicious pimp — Full House‘s John Stamos in a sharkskin suit. Talk about your cautionary tales.

To her credit, Alexander seems to be acting in a different movie. While everyone else is staring sullenly and feigning toughness, she actually tries to give some weight and variety to her characterization. But it’s hopeless when she’s saddled with such lines as ”I wanted to save the world, but I lost a daughter.”

I do admit, though, that it was almost worth sitting through this dreadful movie to see Stamos purse his lips and murmur to Zal, ”Ooh, you are so hot, baby — come to Daddy.” Full House simply hasn’t suggested the depths of Stamos’ badness. D